The UrbanA Berlin Arena focused on governance arrangements  for sustainable and just cities. It provided an opportunity to learn with and get inspired by practitioners from Berlin and other corners of Europe; on how to organize for more sustainable and just cities; and how to best tackle inequality and exclusion.




What happened at the Arena

At the arena, participants engaged in small groups with diverse practitioners and scholars from Berlin and across Europe to benefit from experiences made in other cities. They heard about how current initiatives in Berlin are struggling to achieve a more sustainable and just future, and how they have overcome some of the barriers they face. They also contributed to UrbanA’s findings on governance arrangements that support initiatives for #sustainablejustcities.

Read a post event blog by Sophia Silverton, of the lead organiser of the event, Freiburg University.

We created a playlist of all six videos of the event. Here’s the video of the opening session:

And this is another playlist which was shown at the Arena, with all the videos explaining the UrbanA Enabling Governance Arrangements.

We also held a pre-Arena webinar on 23rd Feburary 2021 where we initially presented UrbanA’s new governance scenarios as tools that aim to facilitate knowledge-sharing between cities.

The Schedule in Brief

What kinds of governance arrangements enable sustainable and just cities?

Day 1, March 18, 2021:

Session 1 (10-12 am CET)

Hear about justice oriented initiatives in Berlin, and compare them with your experiences in small working groups.

Session 2 (1215 -13 CET)

Ask questions and exchange experiences in a small group with Berlin practitioners (optional).

Session 3 (14-16 CET)

Hear about governance arrangements that have helped just sustainability initiatives across Europe and explore how to apply these in your context together with other city-makers.

Day 2, March 19, 2021:

Session 5 (10-12 am CET)

Hear what social scientists have to say about learning between cities and discuss its challenges with other city makers. What kind of support could help you to learn from experiences made in other cities?

Session 7 (14-16 CET)

Join us in formulating a common call for action to diverse policy makers to help us with making our cities more sustainable and just. Get a glimpse of future activities of the UrbanA network.


Mingle with other city-makers and city-thinkers in the virtual lounge area or in private booths (Session 4, 9-9.45 CET) and optionally meet other members of the UrbanA network from your city for an informal chat (Session 6, 12-13 CET).

For details of our Application Process please see the information sheet here.

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