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From Fridays for Future to Communities for Future. How can community-led initiatives bring about system change?

May 26, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CEST

This event is one of the “Transition Talks” that are happening as part of the “Cities for Change” summit. It is part of the “Energy and Climate” track, is fully online and is on Wednesday 26th from 14-16h CEST (13h Lisbon). Cities for Change Forum is a 2-month online program showcasing world-changing ideas in digital and interactive events for building a just, sustainable and equal society from the ground up. The “Transition Talks” are on from May 24th until May 28th.

To combat climate breakdown, regenerative action is required. Degrowth criticises sustainability’s relationship to perpetual quantitative growth on a finite planet. Permaculture’s post carbon pathway shows us where we must go. Doughnut economics gives us the compass to get there. Since the eruption of “Fridays for Future” demonstrations on world streets in 2019, the ECOLISE network has been developing the “Communities for Future” action platform to accelerate the eco-social just transition. This event explores how best community-led initiatives that have been hovering at the periphery, can emerge to become catalysts for system change, making the old structures obsolete.

On May 26th, ECOLISE invites 8 communities to respond to 4 specific questions about Regeneration; Social, Cultural, Ecology, Economy.

  • Social: How can we bring regenerative design ideas from ecovillages to our cities, especially when urban injustice continues to grow? (Global Ecovillage Network & UrbanA)
  • Cultural: How can we bring about a culture of resistance and regeneration that is accessible to all? (Fridays for Future + Communities for Future)
  • Ecology: How can we bring our ecological ideas out of the academic and activist ghettos to the streets and everyday social movements? (Degrowth & Transition Network)
  • Economy: Imagining an end to capitalism, instead of the end to the world… How best can community-led initiatives bring about territorial transformation, policy change and system change? (Doughnut Economics & Regenerative Practitioners)

Cities for Change Forum is organised by Amsterdam city council , who embraced the Fearless Cities movement in recent years and is exploring how to implement change through its think and do tank De 99 van Amsterdam!. A follow up step will happen in early July.

ECOLISE is the the European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability. Communities for Future is its Action Platform. Event registration here


Transition Talks

Energy and Climate 

In the face of biodiversity loss and socio-ecological collapse, there has to be a radical change in our relationship with the Earth. We need to divest from fossil fuels, and not only embrace the energy transition, but change the way we live and consume. We have to move away from the focus on economic growth as a main policy goal, as endless growth is simply incompatible with environmental sustainability.

-From Economic Growth to Circularity

-From Anthropocene to Ecological Resilience


Structure and Speakers

The Structure of the event is the following:

  • 5 min: Introduction
  • 25min: Framing of Questions
  • 40min: 4 Simultaneous Breakout Rooms
  • 10min: Plenary
  • 40min: Open Discussion (Audience Q+A)

Each Breakout Room explores 1 separate question with 2 guest networks, represented by the following activists:

The event is inspired by Global Ecovillage Network‘s “5 Dimensions of Sustainability” (Whole System is the workshop itself). Key insights will be harvested.


May 26, 2021
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CEST
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