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Translocal adventures in developing an Urban Systems Community of Practice, with UrbanA and ECOLISE.

February 22, 2021 @ 4:15 pm - 5:45 pm CET

Our TNOC “Seed Session” event with UrbanA, ECOLISE & Communities for Future will be on Monday 22nd of February at 16.15-17.45 CET

About the Festival 

TNOC Festival pushes boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future. A virtual festival that spans 5 days with programming across all regional time zones and provided in multiple languages. TNOC Festival offers us the ability to truly connect local place and ideas on a global scale for a much broader perspective and participation than any one physical meeting in any one city could ever have achieved. The TNOC festival will take place from 22-26 February 2021.

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/4l6ymke4

An Urban Systems Community of Practice event 

ECOLISE’s “Communities for Future” action platform is supporting local European communities to build a healthier, fairer, regenerative world. The Urban Systems Community of Practice is one part of our ecosystem to support this eco-social just transition. Through experimentation and learning, a beautiful adventure is unfolding. Magical collective visions are emerging.

What activities will happen during it?

Building on the methodology developed by UrbanA’s “Community Conversations”, a short presentation is followed by the audience going into small breakout rooms. Groups respond to a specific question, talk together, take notes in a harvest document. Plenary hears main insights from all groups. An online communication space supports the process.

And beyond the festival?

We will invite all participants to help develop a wiki entry in our Knowledge Commons. The presentation, plenary and discussion will be videod. Participants will be invited to co create a short blog post to accompany the video. The Community of Practice process has already begun, we hope it grows.

Payment to participate in TNOC + Our Seed Session 

We encourage everybody to come and participate in the full 5 days of festivity, learning, networking, community building. We encourage people to register for the Festival. If some people have financial difficulties, let us know and we will send you a free discount code.

TNOC: We want to keep the barriers to participation low. Modest registration fees are meant to facilitate broad participation. Full access is given to all sessions. We hope you will pay to register if you can—events such as ours do cost money to produce”.

Registration is open! https://tnoc-festival.com/wp/#registration

Students: $35 USD
Global South: $75 USD
Global North: $100 USD

TNOC: A lot of what we are trying to do with this event is experimental…lots of people, time zones, languages, ways to interact. We might make some mistakes along the way. Please be patient.

See you soon!

Much thanks for signing up for this event, sorry we didn’t have more time to reach out to people. If you can share it with your friends, neighbours, or work colleagues, that would be really appreciated.

We will email you soon with ZOOM details for the event and, if you asked for it, we will send you the free discount code.

Much thanks from the UrbanA, ECOLISE and Communities for Future teams.

Registration: https://tinyurl.com/4l6ymke4  



February 22, 2021
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm CET
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