Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities

The knowledge needed to create sustainable and just cities frequently remains fragmented and inaccessible to city-makers.

This Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities synthesizes existing knowledge by featuring promising approaches, projects and initiatives, and personal profiles of those who are co-creating the Wiki. 

We are inviting you to join us in this collaborative endeavour, and have included below all the information you need to get started.


A Wiki is a decentralized approach to knowledge co-creation and information sharing. The ‘wisdom of the crowd’ is in the lead. MediaWiki, an open source knowledge management platform, facilitates a collaborative way of working. As a user you can modify and structure content directly from your web browser without the need for special software. 

How to get involved?

This Wiki is part of a knowledge commons that serves as a resource for everyone that wants to contribute to more sustainable and just cities. It is not only for everyone to use the knowledge that is included, but also for everyone to share their own knowledge and experience. In this call for co-creation, we are inviting you to become part of this experiment.

Becoming a Wiki-user is very easy and quick – just follow the steps below. 5 easy steps to becoming a Wiki user: 

  1. Send an email to to ask for an account and password
  2. Create your user profile. You can find a user template here (optional). 
  3. Comment on existing wiki pages
  4. When you are ready…start editing wiki-pages
  5. If you are feeling really brave: create new pages on approaches, projects and/or initiatives

How will the Wiki continue in the future?

The UrbanA project will host, use and feed the Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities at least until December 2021. In addition to information on approaches, projects and initiatives, the UrbanA project will continue to add information on drivers of injustice, governance interventions and policy insights for sustainable and just cities. 

More importantly, it is our explicit aim for the Wiki on Sustainable Just Cities to live on after the UrbanA project, either as a stand alone database on sustainable & just cities, or – at the very least – to be integrated into another platform (e.g. the Communities for Future Wiki hosted by ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on sustainability and climate change, which is an UrbanA partner.) 

Read more in our blogpost.

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