The UrbanA Community of Practice is an open network of individuals committed to taking constructive action on urban social inequality and ecological unsustainability in order to create more just and sustainable cities.

Here are five ways you can become part of the UrbanA Community of Practice

One: Participate in discussions

UrbanA has set up a platform for interaction and learning on the Communities for Future platform. Register and initiate conversation!

You can also become a member of LinkedIn group  where we share ANYTHING relevant to the community.

Two: Join online Community Conversations

These are highly participatory conversations – not your classic listen-only-webinars! UrbanA wants to give as much space as possible to questions, comments and exchange. Find out here when the next UrbanA Community Conversation happens and register!

Three: Co-create knowlege

Together we have created the Wiki on Just and Sustainable cities, an important part of UrbanA’s knowledge commons. Anytime you want, you can create a Wiki account, and contribute to this knowledge! Read this call for co-creation to know more. 

Four: Subscribe to our newsletter

You won’t get spammed. UrbanA sends a newsletter every couple of months as a recap on UrbanA’s most important updates. Subscribe here and see here for previous newsletters.

Five: Follow us on social media

UrbanA produces a lot of content! Have a browse of our Resources section to find our podcasts, videos, publications, and also news blogs – all about urban justice and sustainability.

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